India Robusta

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- chocolate, Bourbon, Tobacco-y & Smooth

- Smooth & Soft

- Light mouthfeel and texture With Very High Octane


A cup of our India origin is malty and creamy in texture. The flavors here are smooth and rich with no acidity whatsoever, which reminds one of dark chocolate and oak. If you enjoy beverages which are deep, dark and rich in subtle complexity, then this cup is the one for you.

The Southern portion of the Indian subcontinent is coffee bean country, as the climate and land are practically tailor-made for the plant to grow and prosper. Coffee production began in 1670, when a pilgrim brought back some coffee seeds from Yemen and planted them in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. Centuries later, under British Rule, coffee and tea competed as the favorite beverage export of India. Some say tea ultimately won, but since the 1990's Indian coffee has experienced a tremendous boom.

The best beans from Indian tend to provide a cup which is heavy, creamy, low in acidity and solid throughout. Kind of like our beans, actually. Huh.

This coffee has some oomph!