How to make people uncomfortable

How to make people uncomfortable

Step one be yourself. No seriously go nuts. Not like go to nuts, who's on your hit list. 

Be what they don't expect. Be the opposite of the perfect image of you in their head.  

Be as PC as possible. Do I really have to go over this? 

Argue both sides of a problem moral or any other problem. This will make you sound like you contradict yourself its great. Now make it look like you have split personality and use different voice for both sides of the argument. This will make anyone uncomfortable even with themselves. 

Boast about your intelligence or grade point average. On your on A/B honor role. I made C this year. 

Talk about a vacation you went on and how it was great when you know the other person hasn't gone on one this year. That's a dick move. Don't do that. 

When all else fails laugh like the Joker!!!! Don't forget to put on your makeup that day.  


Now imagine Mark Wahlberg reading this out-loud in a Boston accent. (Boston accent) Hey Mark, read this article out-loud for me. 

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